cringing at the thought of missing out on the sunny side of the road.
what if it is all an illusion?
what if commitment to it’s path leads to waiting disappointment?
and locals calloused, unwilling to accept new travelers?

oh, how the wheels of doubt, fear, and insecurity spin out the mind
 written by jaceycaitlynspeaks ©2017
daily prompt: Sunny Wheel Local Cringe Illusion Commit
puncture this paper heart.
 turn the volume down; i am not a paragon of perfection, and i never will be. 
stop them from meddling with my blossoms as they push through the ashes.
cut the strings that loop and tangle.
taper this fear; lengthen the peace.
permeate the bottled up emotions and let relief pour out of the top. 
"create in me a clean heart" 
a total restoration.
triumphant, i will be. 


poem by jaceycaitlynspeaks © 2017 photo taken by bryan gonzalez
daily post: Puncture Taper Volume Triumph Paragon Total Create Blossom Bottle Relieved Meddle Loop

Tender kisses dance across my skin, each one a revelation:
I am loved despite the chaos that bubbles beneath it.

poem by jaceycaitlynspeaks  ©2017
daily prompt:  Tender and Revelation

Fragmented portions of false truths. 
Cluttering. Imaginary. 
Too loud, like a brassy trumpet yelling in my ear. 
Yet still too distant to make a sound.

poem by jaceycaitlynspeaks © 2017
daily prompt: Imaginary Brassy Portion Distant

if i am to survive this, i must be catapulted by a detonation so powerful, it pushes me towards the sun. there, i can radiate alongside her and become infused with light. there will be reprieve from my woes and transgressions, leaving only the ability to paint an impressionable shadow on the earth.

written by jaceycaitlynspeaks ©2017
daily prompt: Catapult Radiate Infuse Reprieve Survive Impression Detonate

stay afloat

heart unmoored, adrift in this sea of uncertainty.
stay afloat, little fighter. do not descend into the abyss,
where notorious tales of eternal darkness creep.


poem by jaceycaitlynspeaks   ©2017
daily prompt: Unmoored Notorious Descend Adrift

the precipice

it taunts me, this looming structure. 
this seemingly insurmountable precipice. 
casting long shadows even in the sunlit day. 
laughing at my many failed attempts.
even if i were to defeat him,
should i come tumbling down it's jagged sides
to the very bottom, tired;
forced to face him again?

written by jaceycaitlynspeaks ©2017 
daily prompt: Precipice

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