reasons to get past the fear

This list consists of things that motivate me to get over this awful phobia, and push through the anxiety that has held me back for far too long. I plan to continue adding to it as I think of things I’d like to accomplish or places I’d like to visit etc, etc.  Please feel free to follow me as I take more steps to finding myself. ♥

  1. Create a blog!
  2. Get my license approved!
  3. Get the perfect MT job
  4. Create my own MT buisness
  5. Fall in love again
  6. Get married- to the right guy this time
  7. Have a baby
  8. Enjoy food without regret
  9. See bio-luminescent waters on kayak tour in Titusville
  10. Vist Weeki Wachee Springs and see the mermaid show and crystal clear waters
  11. Travel to the other side of the state and stay in a hotel on the beach
  12. Have my own place- with plenty of fur baby lovins!♥
  13. Create a comic about Emetophobia
  14. Paint a HUGE piece!
  15. Visit Georgia
  16. Visit North Carolina
  17. See the Elephant Preserve
  18. Go to Disney again
  19. Get to my goal weight of 110 pounds
  20. Eat more! (And don’t give up when it gets too hard)
  21. Help others cope better
  22. Make more progress in EMDR Therapy
  23. Be bold enough to sing on stage again
  24. Be content on my own for longer than a few minutes…
  25. Create an album
  26. Try yoga…. for real this time
  27. See the Northern Lights in Canada
  28. Visit Kat

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