There is no cure for Loneliness! Though if it is so, I shall digress.

Searching treetops far and wide; the forests where the faeries hide. 

Could it be beneath the ocean?  Rolling and tumbling amongst mermaid commotion.

This elixir does not exist! But wait! Perhaps in true love’s kiss?

It cannot be so, for there is no kiss. No kiss may cure this Loneliness. 

For once rooted in the soul, he festers. He burns.  And if not satisfied, your soul? He will earn. 

Deep inside these tired bones, resonates the sounds of worn out groans. 

No. This elixir does not exist, in outside forces. They are dismissed.

Within the heart the cure does lie. 

Do not let it mystify.

elixir blogpost

poem written by jaceycaitlynspeaks ©2017

image provided by Pinterest

  via daily prompt: Elixir


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