I asked her if she would play with me – she said not now, but maybe later. But she did not pick up the Barbie that waited next to mine. She was too preoccupied with herself. So I was left to play alone. 

He told me that he loved me, that we could talk about it later. But he left me in the middle of the street, tears staining my cheeks as I watched him shut the green door to his home. And his heart. 

I did not want to leave my house to visit you because I was anxious that day, so I said I would see you later. But I was not going to see you later. I got there just in time to say goodbye, then you were gone. 

I said I would hold you later, when you were done growing inside of my womb. But I would not get the chance to cradle your tiny body against my own. 

“Later” does not always mean “another time”.

Sometimes it means “never”.

Or, “goodbye forever”. 

written by jaceycaitlynspeaks ©2017

daily prompt: Later


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