the climb

The climb of recovery from anything that hinders the breath you hold is a challenge. And one taken far too lightly amongst those who have no comprehension of how powerful that entity is to you. Your hands develop blisters and lacerations from gripping the sharp ended rocks and branches you use to pull yourself up. Your shoes become worn down and your feet tire. Your arms and knees become bruised after the wind of life attempts to slam you into the earth and shatter your bones and motivation. And sometimes the gusts are so strong they cause you to fall back down a couple feet, or back to the bottom. It is here were you choose to give in or go on. Will you let the forces around you determine your worth? Or will you keep on fighting and climbing until you reach the place of rest at the top?

written by jaceycaitlynspeaks ©2017
photo credit: Pinterest
daily prompt: Climbing


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