Collaboration is the only way to get through this inhospitable stage of life. This maze with it’s many twists and turns, disappointments and tiny victories. When we at last can see the final bend, where there are no more walls or borders to maneuver our tired bodies through, all qualms will dissipate. We will know, as evidence proves, that we can manage whatever obstacle awaits us in the next stage of this life.

written by jaceycaitlynspeaks  ©2017
daily prompt: Qualm Final Collaboration Hospitality Maze

not made for this earth

tiny pink toes made not for the damp earth, but for heavenly clouds to run.
tiny pink lips not to be tainted by human fingertips, but brushed by angelic hosts.
tiny pink cheeks not to be flushed with embarrassment or anger or shame, but with everlasting bliss.
written by jaceycaitlynart ©2017
daily prompt: Pink

you pursue

Grace and mercy fall,
covering all of my faults;
You wash me in love.

Though I often fail,
You pursue me even still
Redemption is here.

haikus by jaceycaitlynspeaks  ©2017
daily prompt: Pursue

only temporary

"It's only temporary." They say. 
But how long is this 'temporary' supposed to last?
I've been up and down corridors, confronting demons from my past.
Only to find that my past is my present, 
and Anxiety and Emet are still present,
and this life is a present but...
How can I enjoy this gift, when I'm completely spent? 
"It's only temporary."


poem by jaceycaitlynspeaks  ©2017
photo via Pinterest
daily prompt: Temporary
your kiss was like poison;
leaving drops of deceit upon my lips,
and a bitter taste inside my mouth.

poem by jaceycaitlynspeaks  © 2017
daily prompt: Bitter



open me up.
just rip every seam.
leave my chest wide open;
let it  breathe.
poem by jaceycaitlynspeaks ©2017
daily prompt: Exposed

better for it

Are you better? Better now that I've been erased from you?
Good. Because I'm better too. 
Better for losing love and finding the illusion of it.
Better for finding love and losing the memory of the illusion. 

in the woods

poem and photo by jaceycaitlynspeaks  ©2017
daily prompt: Better



panic attack

Tightness begins to threaten my throat, like hands grabbing at me out of nowhere. No! Not again! There’s a whooshing sound in my ears; I can hear the beat of my heart and my breath inside of them. Is this really happening? This can’t be happening. Blue eyes rapidly scan my surroundings as peripheral vision turns black. Losing focus. Everywhere I look is too open, but too crowded; too small, but too big. Too many noises entering my whooshing ears. Too many sounds cluttering my cluttered brain. I’m looking for the Exit sign, but there is no exit sign. I am trapped in my own mind. Running around in circles, throwing myself at the walls of my skull. My breath becomes more and more heavy, shallow, heavy, shallow.  Which one is it? What am I saying, I can’t breathe! Not normally anyways. Lungs banging against the cage in my chest, begging for more air. But instead, it fills my stomach as my worst fear taps on my shoulder. Telling me that the inevitable is here. But is it? I can’t trust my own judgment anymore! Arms and legs move too much, or not at all. Face twitching, I cough to make it all stop but of course it’s not working. I’m glued down, yet somehow still coming unglued. My eyes are hazy with tears building up, and before I know it I’m screaming. Or am I? Nothing comes out. Just my mouth wide open as the tears fall like summer rain. I’m alone, with no one around to help me. It is crowded, but no one knows how to assist the grown woman who sits silently in the corner.

written by jaceycaitlynspeaks  ©2017
daily prompt: Panicked

no control, none

I feel so out of control. Because I am.
Everything is falling apart…
or is it falling together?
This control that I feel the need to hold on to,
it is fleeting.
And I realize after toil and pain…
I have no control, none.

daily prompt: Control and None

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